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Public Works
Administration Responsibilities

  • Receiving and processing complaints or requests for assistance from public officials, citizens, departments of the City, and others.
  • Inspection of operations completed by labor contractor (Utility Partners, LLC) for Streets & Drainage and Water & Sewer Divisions.
  • Overseeing the solid waste, trash waste, and recycling material collection and disposal contract.
  • Overseeing occupational safety program for all employees while also recognizing unsafe practices of others working in the City of Gulfport.
  • Completing personnel records, payroll, and other paperwork for employees.
  • Processing purchase orders for materials, equipment, and services.
  • Analyzing operations budget for all departments to ensure proper spending and savings.
  • Managing and recommending budgets of capital improvements projects pertaining to the public works of the City.
  • Coordinating with Engineering Department for design and review of in-house construction projects including storm drainage, water, sewer, streets, and bridges.
  • Coordinating with Engineering Department for design and review of contract construction projects including specifications, drawings, and correspondence.
  • Overseeing team improvement workshops and continuous quality improvement procedures.
  • Reviewing site plans for commercial developments and subdivisions and performing inspections to verify compliance.
  • Preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes and responding to those in need in the aftermath of these events.
  • Tracking projects using a work order system in order to determine current status and preparing a monthly report.
  • Maintaining an inventory system of all vehicles, equipment, parts, and supplies in order to track usage, recommend purchases, and evaluate condition of equipment.
  • Coordinating with Engineering Department to plan future developments as needed to accommodate population growth and maintain existing infrastructure.


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