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Water & Sewer Responsibilities


  • Receiving and processing all customer complaint calls and work orders taken by other departments.
  • Using City Call-Out System for notifying customers by T.V., radio, newspaper, or door hangers of upcoming projects where service will be interrupted.
  • Maintaining wells and chlorination equipment to provide an ample supply of potable water.
  • Flushing dead end lines and lines that feed low consumption areas to provide fresh potable water.
  • Repairing leaks that occur in the City of Gulfport Water and Sewer system.
    Maintaining, removing and installing new water lines, fire hydrants, sewer lines and manholes as needed.
  • Installing water meters as requested by the Water Billing Department for new accounts or to replace a non-functioning meter.
  • Collecting water samples for the Mississippi Department of Health to ensure potable water that meets EPA/EPD safe drinking water requirements.
  • Providing assistance in preparing the Consumer Confidence Report and the Cross Connection/Backflow Program.
  • Installing water and sewer taps where required by application for service to new areas.
  • Reviewing and approving “will serve” requests from the Water Billing Department or customers.
  • Providing line location in areas where needed.
  • Providing cost estimates for water tap fees and sewer tap fees.
  • Maintaining and cleaning sewer lift station controls, pumps, motors, and floats.
  • Pressure washing sewer lines to allow proper flow.
  • Vacuuming sewer lift stations to remove grease and debris.
  • Locating sewer lines/taps by map measurement, camera investigation of lines, and physically exposing lines.
  • Performing smoke testing, identifying storm water infiltration, repairing problem or requiring customer to make necessary repairs if on private property.
  • Reviewing commercial site plans for water and sewer availability and determining cost estimates on projects.
  • Perform yard maintenance for well and lift station grounds.


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