To make a service request, get information about City services or events, make an anonymous complaint about a local eyesore or to contact any department in the city, simply pick up your phone and dial 311.
The 311 number is for any non-emergency call in the City of Gulfport. For non-emergency police calls and animal control complaints dial 868-5959. For emergencies, the traditional 911 is still the proper number to call.
Many cellular providers have already made it possible for any cell phone in Gulfport to reach the City of Gulfport Call Center by dialing 311. For details on when your cell phone carrier might join the new Gulfport 311 service, call your service provider. If you are not able to get through by dialing 311, simply dial 228-868-5700.

To submit a service request online, please use our mobile app, GPT Connect, or fill out this 311 service request form.

If you need to report a power outage and/or streetlight out, please contact your power company using the links below:

MS Power logo
Report an Outage

Coast Electric logo
Street Light Outage Reporting Form