The City Attorney serves as legal advisor and attorney for the City of Gulfport (governmental entity) and its officials and employees as well as serves as Director of the City’s “Legal Department,” which is comprised of the City Attorney’s Office and the City Prosecutor’s Office.  Because of the nature of the City Attorney’s role, his office cannot represent or provide legal advice to non-City officials or employees, such as citizens, groups or other entities.  Among other things, the City Attorney and legal staff advise the Mayor, CAO, City Council, department directors and other city employees; oversee the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes and traffic offenses in Gulfport Municipal Court and their appeals; serve as legal counsel during various public meetings involving City officials and employees; support the legislative and administrative processes with respect to ordinances, contracts, leases, legal research, legal opinions and litigation; and represent the City’s legal interests in judicial tribunals and associated litigation and in legislative and administrative processes.


City Attorney’s Office

Jeff Bruni – City Attorney

Margaret Murdock – Assistant City Attorney

Joseph Tramuta – Assistant City Attorney

Jennifer Jones – Office Manager / Assistant to City Attorney

Kathy Hale – Legal Administrative Assistant

Janine Williams – Paralegal


City Prosecutor’s Office

Dawn L. Stough – City Prosecutor

Dustin Uselton – Assistant City Prosecutor

Angela D. Lizana – Administrative Assistant

Stefany Sullivan – Paralegal



City Attorney’s Office

Phone: (228) 868-5811

Fax: (228) 868-5795

City Prosecutor’s Office

Phone: (228) 868-5844

Fax: (228) 214-2243