Mayor Hewes reading to students.


In his third term of office, Billy is continuing to build upon the fact that Gulfport is, “Open for Business and Geared for a Good Time!,”  through embracing development opportunities and creating a unique quality of place through collaboration and example-driven leadership.  With an emphasis on building relationships and customer service, Hewes has implemented a more efficient application and licensure process for businesses, modernized outreach, and billing functions, and reorganized city departments to create greater transparency and responsiveness to the public.  
Capitalizing on Gulfport’s location on the Gulf of Mexico, he and his team have worked to create an experience that makes the most of a welcoming, year-round climate.  This has been accomplished by encouraging outdoor activity through the expansion of Gulfport’s Sportsplex, the creation of a bark park, walking, biking, and birding trails throughout the City, better access to our waterfront and inland waterways, and construction of the recently opened Mississippi Aquarium. The result of this vision is a diverse, vibrant economy in a region that is being rediscovered – with award-winning results!   

His enthusiasm does not stop at the city line.  In fostering a “One Coast” mindset, Billy has promoted a comprehensive grass-roots, regional approach that acknowledges, “what benefits one, ultimately benefits all.”  This is especially true in economic development and tourism circles.   His business experience, coupled with his 20 years of service in the State Legislature, has helped him to better understand the needs of his constituents and find solutions for the betterment of the City, and community, at-large.



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