• Overgrown Property
    Grass and weeds become a violation when they reach 6 inches in height. Property owners are also responsible for maintaining alleyways and right of ways adjacent to their property.
  • Accumulation of Trash & Debris
  • Inoperable Vehicles
    Storage of inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public and private property is a violation.
    Unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles are one of the biggest concerns for code enforcement. Residents are required to keep vehicles that are parked outside on approved surfaces, operable and properly licensed. If the vehicle is not, it either needs to be removed from the property or stored within a garage.
  • Construction or Remodeling w/o a Permit
    Property owners or their agents must get a permit to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, demolish or move a structure. In addition, they must get a permit to change the use of a structure (for example, to change a residence into an office). It is a code violation to commence work without a permit when required. You can contact the permit office @ (228)868-5715 to determine what type of paperwork will be needed to accompany a permit request.
  • Fence in Disrepair
    Property owners are required to keep their fence in good repair.
  • Garage Sales
    Citizens are allowed 1 Garage Sale per quarter. In other words, one every 3 months.
  • Trash Receptacles/Garbage Cans left at curb
    Trash Receptacles should not be placed on curb more that 24 hrs prior to garbage pickup. The receptacles are required to be moved to the side or rear of the property after garbage pickup.
  • Illegal Dumping
    You may not dump garbage or unwanted items anywhere. There are several landfills in the Gulfport area where you may take items that you no longer want for a fee.
    Code Enforcement pursues two goals with illegal dumping: ensuring the site is cleaned up and catching the perpetrator. Offenders may be required to clean up the site and pay a fine if caught. However, cleaning up the site is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Outdoor Storage/Yard Clutter
  • Lack of Maintenance
    Property Owners are required to keep their property maintained in good repair. This includes buildings, fences and other structures.
  • Number of People Living in a Residence
    No more than 5 unrelated people may live in a residence. In addition, there is a minimum square footage requirements for each person living in a residence.
  • Operating a business without a license
  • Operating a business outside the scope of the issued Business License
  • Sign Ordinance Violations
  • Unsecured/Unsanitary Swimming Pools
  • Graffiti
    It is against City Ordinances to allow Graffiti to remain on the premises. Property owners are responsible for removing graffiti.
  • Unsafe/Dangerous Structures
    Dangerous structures must be made safe or demolished. Dangerous conditions include potential structural failure, exposed electrical wiring, heavy fire damage. Vacant buildings must be adequately secured by fencing and/or boarding.