As Records Manager this category falls under the City Clerk, who is responsible for the records in a municipality, such as:

  • Inventory all Records Stored at the Record Facility, all incoming and purged.
  • Label all incoming boxes with assigned shelf areas, departments, contents, dates, retention and destroy listing.
  • Purge all records past retention deadlines, or scanned and indexed.
  • Search hard copies for all departments.
  • Train employees on scanning, retrieval, scanning and indexing.
  • Knowledge of Records Management Software.

As Deputy City Clerk this category also falls under the City Clerk;

  • Process all Records Request Forms.
  • Deny any request in writing with Mississippi Code included showing reasons of denial.
  • Keep a record of all incoming requests.
  • Create a monthly report for all requests showing the following: Requestor, Date of Request, Date of Compliance, Requested information, cost of request.
  • Election-Inventory, Supply Orders, be educated of Election Laws.



Records Requests

Requests for records must be submitted via the Records Request Forms. That can be downloaded below.




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