The City of Gulfport through its Department of Public Works and  Engineering provide many significant services that impact the lives of citizens each day. Sewer collection and drinking water affect the health of all customers and have played a major role in the reduction of disease and illness. Amenities such as driving on a paved street, traffic signs, traffic signals, fire hydrants, proper storm drainage, and clear right of ways touch citizens and visitors. The importance of these items is often not noticed until a problem occurs. It is at that time the need is realized and a prompt response to correct the problem is expected. Many hours of preventative maintenance are performed on each of these systems so that downtime and inconvenience is minimized.

The Capital Improvements Program addresses much of the infrastructure of these systems that need improvement in many areas of Gulfport. Permanent repairs through capital investment are a key to the reliability of these systems. The Department of Public Works and Engineering will strive to complete the needed improvements for our City so that these services do not falter. Providing quality service in a timely manner is our mission and the key to making each citizen of Gulfport proud of this department.

Welcome to the official website of the City of Gulfport Capital Improvement Program. With the guidance of the Departments of Public Works/Engineering, know that we are committed to improving and sustaining the current services enjoyed by our residents and businesses. As the program gets underway, be sure to check this website regularly for the latest information on construction progress.  Mayor Billy Hewes


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