Welcome to your online guide to the City of Gulfport stormwater management plan. The information in this section of the city’s website is part of the city’s continuing effort to educate the public about the importance of protecting water quality through land use and natural resource planning.

The city’s stormwater management plan, which is mandated by the Department of Environmental Quality, is designed to help protect and improve water quality, which can be jeopardized by pollution carried by stormwater runoff. The program has been developed in a collaborative effort with nearby cities of D’Iberville, Biloxi, Long Beach, Pass Christian, and Harrison County. The plan is called Stormwater Phase II.
The specific issues to be addressed:

  1. General Stormwater Runoff Pollution
  2. Illegal Dumping and Improper Disposal of Automobile Wastes and Disposal of Litter and Debris
  3. Erosion and Sedimentation Associated with Construction and Development
  4. Leaking Individual On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems and Sewage Pollution

The program components include Public Education, Public Involvement, Illicit Discharges Detection, and Elimination, Construction Site Runoff Controls, Post-Construction Runoff Controls, and Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

The contact person for Gulfport stormwater runoff management is Mark Kraninger, who can be reached at (228) 868-5740, ext. 6619 or by email at mkraninger@gulfport-ms.gov

To report a potential illicit discharge, please contact Mark Kraninger above, or contact the City of Gulfport Call Center @ 311.

Here are some websites that can provide additional information on stormwater runoff pollution.

Stormwater Video – [ Stormwater Videos]
YouTube links to our locally produced videos and commercials.

What is Stormwater? – [ YouTube Video ]

EPA’s Non-Point Source Pollution Page – [Website]
The EPA’s website provides links to information and resources in a number of categories including publications, training and meetings, applicable regulations. Contains fact sheets, articles, and resources that define Non-Point Source Pollution (NPS) and how it can be prevented or reduced. Topics include household chemicals, septic systems, and impervious surfaces. This site also includes links to the Non-Point Source Kids Page that contains games, puzzles, interactive activities, and education materials.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources – [Website]
The Department of Marine Resources website has a wealth of information for the public, with some info specifically targeted to children, teachers, boaters, marinas, etc. Information includes pollution prevention, non-point source pollution, stormwater runoff management and best management practices provided by Mississippi Gulf Coast Stormwater Management Toolbox, stormwater management tools for schools, Coastal Cleanups and workshop information for teachers.

Non-Point Source Pollution Literature and Publication – [Website]
This webpage contains links to MDEQ-sponsored literature and publications on non-point source pollution, targeted to the public, construction industry and stormwater managers.

Mississippi Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Guidance Manual for Construction Activities – [Website]
This booklet provides a guide for developing a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) as required in the state’s Construction Storm Water General NDPES Permit.

MS State University Extension Service – [Website]
This website contains numerous fact sheets on the Correct Use of Your Septic Tank, Control of Garden Bugs, Household Cleaning Products, Maintaining a Sanitary Septic System, Lawn Mulching for Homeowners, and Non-Chemical Weed Control.

Erosion Control, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas [ Volume 1 ] – [ Volume 2 ] – [ Volume 3 ]
This manual provides technical guidance for the control of erosion, sediment, and stormwater from nonpoint sources and for the preparation of erosion, sediment, and stormwater control plans as needed. The manual is a cooperative effort by: Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Commission and the USDA Soil Conservation Service.

Field Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control – [ PDF ]

Post-Construction Management Guidance Manual – [ PDF ]
This document is structured to provide less technical users with an overview of the City of Gulfport’s post-construction stormwater management requirements. More technical users can find information that will help them prepare complete permit submittals and provide them with details that may help them meet performance standards.



Mark Kraninger, Stormwater Management
4050 Hewes Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39507 
(228) 868-5740, ext. 6619