The City of Gulfport Office of Communications and Marketing is accepting applications for a Community Relations Supervisor.

Position Overview

Under supervision and direction of the Manager of Communications and Marketing, the Community Relations Supervisor works within the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The principal duties of this position include overseeing the day-to-day interactions between the City of Gulfport and its community partners, assisting in developing, maintaining, and expanding relationships with community organizations, leaders, and representatives.

In addition, supporting the City’s marketing initiatives and can be called on to represent the City at events; implementing and fostering outreach programs; organizing events; creating and planning programs that engage and support the community, and assisting with the organization of events of the community partners. The community partners are entities in which the City of Gulfport has agreed to develop and maintain relationships to improve the quality of life in the City.

The Community Relations Supervisor is also responsible for identifying systems of measures for all partnerships to determine effectiveness and improvements that can be made. In addition, the position is tasked with assisting the Office of Communications and Marketing with tasks and projects as needed. Essential Job Functions Essential duties and functions may include the following, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other Related Duties

• Identifies needs of the City population as it relates to the quality of life.

• Identifies resources to address the needs of the population of the City of Gulfport.

• Develops relationship models with individual or multiple resource entities that lead to the benefit of the population of the City.

• Makes recommendations to the City leadership as to ways of improving the quality of life for citizens of the City.

• Designs and maintains databases, i.e., mailing lists, association and organizational lists, and more.

• As needed or directed serves as liaison to the general public, community leaders, and community groups.

• Builds and maintains relationships with members of the community and community partners.

• Develops and promotes community relations opportunities.

• Attend meetings of community-based and neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce, and other key partners and associations in the City of Gulfport.

• Develops, implements, and organizes events to advance the City’s mission, goals, and marketing initiatives.

• Works with all departments to develop community relations plans and promotes news and ongoing and new initiatives in their respective areas.

• Uses social media to coordinate community relations.

For more information contact:

Jase Payne, Manager – Office of Communications and Marketing |